Sculptra®: for a natural and lasting rejuvination of the skin

Staying your own beautiful YOU

As we age, the amount of collagene in our skin decreases. This leads to loose skin causing wrinkles and fine lines. Sculptra® is a so-called biostimulator. It stimulates the skin to reproduce the lost collagene in order to regain its firmness. One of the main benefits of Sculptra® is that it does not change the shape of the face. You can keep your own natural beauty.

Patience is a virtue

Sculptra® is not for people who are looking for a quick fix. Because Sculptra® stimulates the natural production of collagene, this means it takes time before any results can be seen. The first effects of the treatment will only be noticable 1 to 2 months after the first treatment. Contrary to fillers, the changes are slow and gradually. Therefore, the people around you will not directly notice that a treatment has been performed. They will, however, notice a more youthfull and healthier appearance on the long term.

When getting Sculptra® for the first time, it is recommended to do 2 treatments with an interval of 6 weeks between the treatments. The first treatment is generally done with 1 vial. The second treatment can be done with 1 to 3 vials, depending on the condition of the skin. The results last for 12 to 24 months. After this period, the body slowly breaks down the collagene. It is advised to do one treatment once a year to maintain the results.

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